Beautiful handwoven fabric

After most of our group, with whom we had toured Ethiopia, had dispersed, the four of us who remained shared a taxi to visit a craft project outside Gonder.  The (Ploughshare Women’s Project was started by a Scot twenty years ago to help disadvantaged women.  Over the years, 1200 such women – widows, disabled, those affected by HIV and GM – have been helped.  There are currently 42 women living at the project.  They are given board and lodgings and are taught a skill – weaving, pottery or basket making – which they can then take back to their villages and pass on to others.

The workshops








Lady throwing pots







We watched the ladies weaving and throwing pots, and were then given the opportunity to buy some of what they had produced.  How could we resist?

Weaving on a hand loom
Gorgeous threads being woven
Basket making


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